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How Hot Water Extraction Cleans Your Carpets

Hot water extraction is one of the most effective ways to clean your carpets. Steam Cleaning and Hot Water Extraction is the same thing. The name steam cleaning is a relative term, because water needs to be heated to 212 degree Fahrenheit to become steam. This is far less then the water temperature used to clean your carpets.

For carpet Cleaning to be effective we follow several Steps:

Step 1: Vacuum the carpets.

This step is important in the carpet cleaning process, because insoluble particle soil can not be removed effectively when wet.

Step 2: Apply a pre-conditioner to the carpet.

The pre-conditioner is a chemical called deflocculant that keeps the dirt during carpet cleaning in suspension.

Step 3: Agitation of the carpet fibers.

This step in my opinion is probably the most important in carpet cleaning.

After applying the pre-conditioner to the carpet the carpet fiber is agitated with
a grooming rake.

The agitation causes the dirt on the carpet fibers to go into suspension or stick together.

Step 4: Extraction of the dirt from the carpets.

This step in carpet cleaning is basically rinsing the dirt out of your carpet.

This is what that silver wand with a large hose attached to it job.

Hot water is injected into the carpet. The hot water that is injected contains a chemical that help rinse all the soap out of the carpet and return the fiber to the correct pH. This will prevent the carpet from feeling stiff after cleaning.

Immediately after injecting the hot water into the carpet its vacuum out of the carpet into a recovery tank.

Several dry vacuums are made with to remove the water from the carpet and help the carpet dry faster.

Step 4: Vacuum the carpet again.

The next day after your carpets have fully dried you need to vacuum your carpets.

This will get the dirt left behind that was not removed with the extraction process.

That basically it no big mystery, but if not done correctly your carpets will be ruined. So remember if possible have a professional clean your carpets.